Soccer Field is a manufacturing factory which has been founded by the person who is well known as Father of Supplier in soccer industry.

 Abdul Qayyum is originally from Pakistan Sialkot. He started manufacturing in 1982. Soccer Field had been founded when he became adept in soccer manufacturing by himself. He worked hard alpha and omega, and opened his own factory as eminent manufacturer in Sialkot. The city where Soccer Field is located solely is talk of the town in whole of the world for providing sports goods to every match played in World Cup.

The more this city is famous globally the same Abdul Qayyum is famous in manufacturing. Now, the illustration of the Soccer Field is like light for the traders and suppliers who like moths flying gather around this light and get their supply for buyers and complete information from price of the material to the price of the ready-made football. Soccer Field is complete unit of manufacturing Football where thousands of balls are cut and packed daily.

He with help of his son Harris Ali is presenting directly aid in worldly playing Soccer and now Soccer Field will be helpful for every buyer to get their balls in cheaper price maintaining the quality high from first stitch to the last one. Thus buyers will be safe from high margined prices.

And the latest designs are being showed on our web site, . Select your dream design on and get rid of all old traders and you must join original factory.
Our factory, Soccer Field is manufacturing.

  • Gaelic Foot Ball
  • Hand ball
  • Indoor Balls
  • Volley balls
  • Promotional Ball
  • Beach Foot ball & Volley Ball
  • Antique Balls
  • Professional & Match Balls
  • Net balls & Rugby Balls
  • Club Foot Ball
  • Training Ball
  • Street ball

We can make these balls in Hand made, Machine-made and Thermo made.

We will give you your ball for every match that’s our promise to you.




(Abdul Qayyum)